Sigiriya 2015

Sigiriya is famous for Lion Rock. This is located near the city Damulla. It will come on the way to Candy. Lion Rock or Sigiriya Rock is a UNESCO world Heritage Site. This is iconic landmark of Sri Lanka. According to Sri Lankan history on top of this Rock King Kasyapa build his city at around 477 CE. Many Hindu religious believe that this was a palace of Ravana.

My journey from Colombo to Sigiriya was not pleasant. We traveled there just after the Christmas day. It took more time than the usual because of holiday. Many people way went to out of city to enjoy the vacation and we was going to Sigiriya when they all coming back. I have faced a huge traffic Jam while coming back.

On the way our driver took us to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Although this is called Elephant Orphanage but this no more use as orphanage. This is mostly a breeding center now. The entry fee is little high for foreigners, the price is half for SAARC countries. Children under 12 have free entry.

Most of the elephant was tied with chain, which I didn’t like. But the team was taking well care of elephants. I saw one baby elephant with eye problem, where one person giving eye drops to her. Many giant and baby elephant is available. Baby elephant was funnier. They were very close to the people. They don’t scare of human. Children can play with them, but be care full sometime the elephant push with their trunk. After noon they elephants are taken to the river for bath. That is very nice to see. There are some restaurant beside the river where you can eat and see elephant activities. You can do some street shopping on the site. But the product are much expensive then the market.

From online I booked the hotel. The hotel name is ‘Sinhagiri Villa’. When I arrived at Villa it was around 11:00 PM. The hotel was in very remote place. I was little upset to see the road towards the hotel. It was broken in many places. I was not at all happy to see the hotel. This was very unexpected to me. This is like a private farmhouse. I have been offered a room on the owner’s residence. The room was big but that all what I got, to TV no fridge no AC. My family was totally upset seeing this after a long hectic journey. The owner arranged some dinner for us. We just went to sleep as soon as possible to complete that night. That time I was thinking it is good that I have booked the hotel only for 1 night.

I woke up very early morning with many birds chirping around. I went out to the balcony and saw, there are lots of trees around. There are many kinds of bird around. I took my camera out and went outside. This seems to be haven for bird watchers. I took my son with me so that he can experience the nature which is very rare at Dhaka. I saw some other guest around who was staying on other bungalow. One family we have been introduced came from Swizerland. My son had friendship with their kids. Me and my son went for a walk around. There I notice some peacock in the Jangle. I manage to take some photograph of them. I saw the pick of the Lion Rock can be seen from the hotel location. It was very charming at the morning. Overall the morning at the hotel was not that much bad that I expected at night. After having an English breakfast we left the bungalow and start to visit the Lion Rock.

We started early to avoid the crowd, but that was not enough. Already many people were there to see Lion Rock. As a foreigner we manage to park our car little close to the rock garden. Our guide helped us to buy the ticket for us. It was little expensive for the foreigners to buy the ticket. We brought both ticket for museum and Lion Rock. The museum shows some prehistoric findings from this Lion Rock, also it demo the people’s lifestyle of that time. We didn’t take much time to see those. My Son and Wife were not enjoying that.

We had to take little walk towards the Rock base. The Rock Garden was very beautiful. We saw some mind blowing water fountain technology developer on ancient time. We were surprise to see the queue on the Lion Rock. From top to the bottom was filled with people. We were having a snail move to go up. On addition sometime it was raining and that made our climb more difficult. After walking for 2 to 3 hours we went to a place called mirror wall. A wall polished so smoothly that you can see yourself. Just before the mirror wall there is a cave where you can see many ancient wall painting. The painting was done using the colors from flowers.

Some Hindu believe that the girls on these painting is Ravana’s wife Mandodori. After the Mirror Wall we have to take little more climb to reach the Lion Paw. A pair of giant claws on both side of a stairs towards the top of the rock. Eventually my son was so tired to climb any further. So we stopped there and started going down to the base.

Our car was waiting at the base. From there we took our car and started our journey towards Nuwara Eliya.


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