Colombo 2015

This was a amazing tour to Sri Lanka at 2015.This country real reach on natural beauty. My tour plan was very last moment for Sri Lanka, but that was one of my most successful tour. We have celebrated Christmas and New Year at Sri Lanka.

The total duration of our tour was 11 days. Our tour was mainly targeted to celebrate the Christmas and New Year over Sri Lanka. For the total duration I have hired a private car for me with a English speaking driver cum guide. I had paid US$500 for the total duration to the car. The car gave me service from airport pickup to airport drop.  I had designed my plan such a way that I can cover most of the attractive places of Sri Lanka.

I started my tour from Colombo. I stayed in a beach side hotel called Global Tower. Colombo  is the capital of Sri Lanka. The is very well organized city.
I celebrated my Christmas at Colombo. As Sri Lanka have good percent of Christian population so the Christmas celebration is very attractive there. Also, during Christmas most of the offices and shops are closed for 7 days till new year. Also, every full moon is holiday at Sri Lanka. We get little effected because of this holidays but the good thing was roads were so free to move.

In Christmas Eve we visited Church and took a drive on the city road. Colombo have a good and long marine drive where we had a good walk. we enjoyed the local street food and sea food on marine drive. The roads and building was decorated because of X.mas. There were many many programs ongoing allover the city.


After celebrating the Christmas at Colombo started we started to our second destination Sigiriya.





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